Sunday, February 14, 2010

Poynton developments

I've been shown round Poynton town centre - it's certainly getting a makeover.
There is still a way to go - and there are still many aspects that have got to be got right. Parking in particular - people need to be able to pop in to a newsagent or chemist without messing around with parking fees.
But the signs are good. There's strong local involvement in the proposals and the developers re listening. The scheme will calm the traffic, and it will help keep the centre alive and welcoming for residents and visitors.
Such a contrast with the scheme for redevelopment in Macclesfield! Cheshire East planners and consultants have ignored the views of locals, and put forward a bland scheme that would turn a truly individual town into a collection of chain stores that could be anywhere. Still the good news is that the recession seems to have put that on hold - hopefully until wiser voices can be heard.