Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Supporting CAMRA

In response to requests from consituents I've signed up to the CAMRA 5 point campaign to:

• Promote the interests of Britain’s pub goers
• Champion well-run community pubs
• Support the rebalancing alcohol taxation to support beer and pubs
• Press for reform of beer tie to deliver a fair deal for consumers
• Support the role of well-run pubs as solutions to alcohol misuse

Mike Benner, CAMRA’s Chief Executive welcomed my support, saying:

“We are delighted that Roger Barlow has promised to work to promote the interests of beer drinkers and pub goers. Well-run pubs make a huge contribution to community life, each of which injects £80,000 into their local economy every year. Amid growing concern over the loss of more than 5 pubs a day, it is now more important than ever to support well-run community pubs, to promote local brewers and to protect the interests of consumers.”

I remember when CAMRA first started - I was a student in those days - and I am proud to be asked to speak up for community pubs, local brewers and consumers. Well-run pubs are the bedrock of community life, and we are lucky to have many of them in and around Macclesfield. They are part of the solution to the problem of alcohol misuse and not part of the problem, which is caused largely by cut price supermarket selling. They deserve our support.